Our Team


Maria “Mia” Ousley

Mia started the company to share her advocacy skills with clients seeking help managing their resources and planning for future needs.  She brings broad experience with estate planning attorneys, financial management of various businesses and individuals, and an understanding of care management through her work for other fiduciaries. She has a background in business and political journalism and also has training in non-violent communication. Mia’s community volunteer work included serving as a crisis worker for battered women, a community mediator in a large, rural Northern California county, a financial secretary of a small Bay Area nonprofit, and was a founding member of the Coalition to Save San Leandro Hospital. She holds a degree in Economics from Humboldt State University and went through her California fiduciary training at UC Riverside. 


Mia is a member of PFAC–Professional Fiduciary Association of California (pfac-pro.org) and NGA–National Guardianship Association (guardianship.org) and holds California Professional Fiduciary License #1077.


Jodie Mathies

Jodie does the financial tracking and reporting for Mia’s Fiduciary Services.  She has been doing similar work for fiduciaries and estate planning attorneys since 2015. Her previous career concentrated on management information systems and project management for Bank of America and other Bay Area companies. She has a graduate degree in Information Systems Management from UC Berkeley and a certificate in Fiduciary Management from UC Riverside.


Katherine Porter

Katherine provides operational support for the Mia’s Fiduciary Services team. An administrative professional for over 30 years, she has supported a variety of client-centered businesses, including medical offices and estate planning attorneys. She has a degree in Career and Technical Writing from San Francisco State University. 

Counties we serve: 


  • Alameda

  • Contra Costa

  • Sacramento

  • San Francisco

  • San Mateo

  • Santa Clara

  • Solano

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