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Everyone hears they should get their affairs in order, especially after a medical emergency or as they age, but gathering the information and documents that define how they want their assets handled can be overwhelming.

If those documents are left unfinished, this leaves people vulnerable should they lose their ability to manage their legal, medical, or financial affairs.

Happy Senior with a hat and scarf

Sometimes a person needs help and has plenty of family support, but their loved ones feel unprepared or lack the skills to take on the responsibilities.  Perhaps there is conflict in the family, or perhaps a person is without nearby family or supportive social networks.  


Mia’s Fiduciary Services can be an option for these situations.  We can provide objective financial, legal, and care management expertise while ensuring that your affairs are taken care of with less stress or family drama.  As licensed fiduciaries we are obligated to act in the best interest of our clients.  More than that, we feel this is an honor to be given this trust.

Mia, thank you for all the help you have provided for my sister, Eleanor, who is well over 95.


First, you helped arrange for the sale of her house at a very good price. This enabled her to shed a reverse mortgage which was crippling her finances. She now can live at the L.M. Hotel with few concerns. If she has problems with the staff due to her lack of hearing, you or one of your staff is always available to help out!


We do not know what would have happened without all your help! 


Thank you. Thank you!



Mia’s Fiduciary Services offers a range of services that can be customized according to the needs of the client. 
Our representation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing and prioritizing a client’s goals and objectives, serving as agent under any estate planning documents.

  • Developing a summary of a client’s current financial situation, reviewing current investment portfolio, developing an asset management strategy, and identifying tax planning strategies.

  • Assessing exposure to financial risk and developing a risk management plan.

  • Financial coordination, such as bill paying, preparing checks for signature, bank deposits, reconciling and balancing accounts, and preparing budgets.

  • Tracking and monitoring payments to financial institutions and health care providers.

  • Collaborating with and coordinating services from other professionals, as required, including but not limited to accountants, financial planners, tax preparers, investment advisors, care managers, and nursing or other in-home service providers.

  • Coordinating assistance from paid personal service providers or unpaid help from family and friends to enable the client to obtain the highest level of independence consistent with capacity, preferences for care, and financial constraints.

Happy Senior African American Couple smiling and laughing together

Mia was referred to us when my best friend began to decline mentally and physically. Upon our first meeting, Mia stepped in and managed ALL the paper work (6 months’ worth) doctor appointments, shopping, personal care, and most of all caring deeply and a positive approach. Besides managing family members, I can only say positive things about Mia.  She is there for you! 



Senior Trans Person wearing green, posing with hand under chin

As a licensed fiduciary, we are happy to take on these roles if you need an official advocate: 

  • Durable Power of Attorney
    managing financial matters as the legal representative, according to the client’s wishes.  


  • Health Care Power of Attorney
    acting as representative for health care decisions when a client becomes unable to make those decisions on their own.  This includes decisions about medical treatment and end-of-life care, advocating for the client’s wishes and instructions.  


  • Estate Assessment and Administration
    serving as trustee or personal representative (in the case of a probate) to carry out the instructions after they have passed.  We follow the instructions outlined in our client’s Will or Trust, managing their assets through to final distribution, whether through trust administration or probate.


  • Financial Manager
    coordinating and managing client assets, paying bills, setting up home maintenance, provide accounting of bank and investment funds, organizing records, and help with tax filing and payments.


  • Care Manager
    providing coordination and oversight of health care when a client’s medical issues become more complex, advocating for the client in matters of insurance, arranging for skilled nursing or assisted living, accompanying them to medical appointments to help them understand information, or simply doing the shopping.


  • Trust Administration
    managing the client’s assets and affairs according to the instructions of their Trust, acting as investment manager, bookkeeper, distribution manager, benefits advocate, and financial planner.


  • Special Needs Trust Administration
    A Special Needs Trust is created specifically for minors, adults, and seniors with physical or mental disabilities.  As such, these trusts are meant to protect personal assets while also preserving the client’s ability to receive public benefits, such as Medi-Cal and Supplemental Security Income. We are particularly passionate about providing support to clients served by these trusts. 


  • Conservatorship
    Sometimes the care of a person is assigned by Court, and as such, we can advocate for the care and protection of the client.  We consider this a special responsibility and honor to protect those clients.

Mia's Fiduciary Services charges $190.00 per hour for our services.   Mia’s Fiduciary Services does not include medical, legal, financial, or tax advice of any kind but rather the opinions of qualified professionals in those respective fields. 

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